Women's TEEZ Haircut Includes: consultation, shampoo, hair masque and conditioning with hot steam towel, hair shaping, styling/finish- starts at 53**

Men's TEEZ Haircut includes: consultation, shampoo, conditioning and haircut- starting at 32**

Boy's or Girl's TEEZ Haircuts (12 and under) start at 22**


At TEEZ we only use the highest quality luxury products. L'ANZA Healing Haircare is the only color line designed to heal the hair from the inside out. This industry leading, innovative line is built around the health and structural integrity of your hair.   No need for additives here...

Single Color Application and style  starting at 97**

Single Color Application and cut starting at starting at 112**

LUXURY DIMENSION (Highlighting/ Low Lighting and Multi-Dimensional Blondes)*

Full Highlight and Style starts at 146**+

Full Highlight and Cut starts 161**+

Specialty Blonding Services (Balayage, Ombre', Strandlights, Airtouch)  Starts at 200**+

Premium Blonding*

Includes: consultation, shampoo, conditioning, includes All over Lightening and Platinum services- starts at180 **+


Ultimate Treatment  35   add on to any service 15

Emergency Service  55    add on to any service 25


Please schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our certified Extension specialists to discuss which option is best for you.

We offer several options including tape in and hand tied extensions. 


Brow-20  Lip/Chin- 10 each

Brow Tinting 25

Brow Makeover 45


Full Face Application 60+

Express Face Application 35+

Eye Application 35+

Lash & Liner 25+

Lash Application 20


A great add on to any service or just because! A TEEZ Express facial is a quick facial that covers all the bases to get your skin looking and feeling fresh and renewed. TEEZ Express Facials are not your traditional facial, we do all the traditional steps but without all the fuss -- no need to change into a robe or sit alone in a quiet room. We do them right on the salon floor at our facial/makeup bar! It's a new take on a traditional service! starting at 45**

+Amount of color is weighed and added to each clients ticket in addition to the service price.  A product charge is added to each ticket to accurately and fairly charge each client for the amount of color used for each service, as the amount of product is different for each guest and their desired look. 

** TEEZ offers multiple levels of stylist with a variety of pricing. Ask our front desk staff to help find a stylist to match your style and beauty budget.

At TEEZ we utilize a level system for our stylists, which means that a stylist with a higher demand on time may be at a higher price point, takes less time, but have less availability. A stylist at a lower level might have  a lower demand on time, and could take a little longer to perfect your service, has a lower price point, and has more availability. 

Just because a stylist is at lower level absolutely does not mean they are not as good, talented or have not been in the industry as long.....its simply based on a demand for time. 

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